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Podcast Success Secrets

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Podcast Success Secrets

This podcast is hosted by me, Daxy Perez, Co-Founder of Legacy Podcasting, a full-service podcasting agency that helps SEVERAL top 100 podcasters grow their business and branding using this podcasting. I have 4+ years of podcast launch experience working with some of the top brands and entrepreneurs in the world. Collectively, the people that I have worked with have generated over 50+ million downloads in the past 2 years and we helped several of them reach the top 50 & 100 in their Apple Podcasts category. On this podcast, I’ll be sharing strategies, resources, and proven successful podcast tactics to grow your show today! You can connect with any questions or inquiries on Facebook or on Instagram @iamdaxy. If you find any value in this podcast, all I ask is that you leave an honest rating/review and share this with 1 of your friends. That would mean the WORLD to me.


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