Podcast Podcasting Bundle w/Mackie Mixer+4) Mics+4) Samson Headphones+4) Booms


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The ProFXv2 Series mixers provide a comprehensive live sound solution, with models from 4- to 30-channels, covering a huge range of applications.
Delivering unmatched sound quality, ProFXv2 features all-new VitaTM preamps, which are virtually noiseless and designed specifically for the highly- dynamic world of live sound.
ProFXv2 also includes the immensely powerful new ReadyFXTM effect engine, harnessing floating-point DSP to deliver 16 rich effects that elevate any performance.
The ProFXv2 no-compromise live sound toolkit includes a room-shaping GEQ, flexible I/O and a built-in USB interface for hassle-free recording/playback.
With a rugged steel chassis and unmatched sonic performance, ProFXv2 is truly the life of your live mix.


PROFX16v2 Pro 16 Channel 4 Bus Mixer w Effects and USB
4 flexible subgroups for professional mix management
2 aux outputs for monitor mixes, fill speakers and more
3-band EQ with sweepable mids on mono channels
16 high-headroom line level inputs
Individual channel mutes and overload indication
100Hz low-cut filters per channel (18dB/octave)
Channel inserts for connecting outboard processing (ch. 1-4)
60mm faders for input channels, subgroups and main masters
48V phantom power for connecting condenser mics
FX mute with remote control via footswitch
Break switch mutes all channels for music playback between sets
Control room / headphone outs with level control
Balanced XLR and balanced/unbalance ¼-inch main outputs
Built in USB recording interface with simple setup via Mac or PC
Choose to record subgroups 1/2 or main L/R mix
Separate USB input level control to mains
USB routable to full-featured channel strip
Great for live recording and perfect for home studios


  • $50 mail-In rebate! Valid for purchases from 9/1/18 to 10/31/18. Package Includes: (1) Mackie PROFX16v2 Pro 16 Channel 4 Bus Mixer w Effects and USB PROFX16 V2. (1) SAMSON QH4 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier Distribution Amp. (4) Samson SR850 Professional Semi-open Studio Reference Monitoring Headphones. (4) Rockville DMS40 40″ Microphone Boom Arm Studio Podcast USB Mic Stands+Desk Clamp. (4) Rockville RCM03 Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone Mics+Metal Shock Mount
  • PROFX16v2 Pro 16 Channel 4 Bus Mixer w Effects and USB. UNMATCHED SOUND QUALITY. 10 extremely low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps designed to add life to any input. All-new ReadyFX effects engine with 16 great-sounding effects like reverbs, delays and choruses. Single-knob channel compression for smooth, even dynamic control (ch. 5-8). NO-COMPROMISE LIVE MIXING. 7-band graphic EQ for tuning mains or monitors. Built-in USB interface to record the show or provide music playback
  • SAMSON QH4 4-Channel Stereo DJ Studio Monitoring Headphone Amplifier Amp. 4-channel stereo headphone distribution amplifier. Four independent 1/4″ stereo headphone channels. Individual volume control on each headphone channel. Two balanced 1/4″ input connectors. Stereo 1/8″ Aux input and output. Master Mute and Mono-summing switches
  • Rockville DMS40 40″ Studio Desk Clamp Microphone Stand w/Boom Arm. Articulating microphone boom arm. Suitable for studios, broadcasting, podcasting, and more. Arms: 20″+20″ arm length for adjustment. C-shape desk clamp is made of aluminum alloy. Fits any desk less than 2 inch thick. ABS plastic mic clip. You can set the base stand in the desk firmly and adjust to your favorite position. High quality steel frame is sturdy and durable. Internal springs for silent and effortless positioning
  • Rockville RCM03 Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone Mic+Metal Shock Mount. Aluminum high quality construction. Polar Pattern: Internally Polarized Condenser Cardioid Design. Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise. Power Requirements: 48V DC phantom power or computer sound card (can connect to the phantom power channel of your mixer or can connect to your laptop or computer). Uni-directional. Sensitivity: -27dB±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa at1kHZ)

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