Lavalier Lapel Microphone Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Mic for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Android & Windows Smartphones.Perfect for Youtube Podcasting


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Take Your Recordings To The Next Level With The Amazing Lavalier Lapel Microphone!

Are you sick and tired of wasting your time making recordings that you can barely understand what it’s about?

Do you need new, advanced equipment for better results without breaking the bank?

Well, you are looking in the right place!

Meet The Clip-On Microphone By Mike’s Mics & Make The Best Recordings HASSLE FREE!

This ingenious device allows you to capture all the different sounds from any direction offering you a real professional like recording experience.

All you need to do is to plug your brand new microphone on you phone’s jack and let it work its wonders!

Not only does it work great, but it is also super comfortable as you can simply clip it on your clothes and get the job done without holding your phone for hours in front of your mouth.

A Must-Have Tool For Any Journalist, YouTuber, Traveler Or Video Lover!

If you want to capture all the special moments of your life, this device will definitely be your best friend.

Record as many videos as you want for your YouTube Channel or your Facebook account and provide your friends with a great quality video that they will all like, for sure! Perfect to record your travel stories or the special family or friend gatherings.

Ergonomic, Portable, Effective & With Wide Compatibility!

This smartphone microphone weights almost nothing while you can keep it always with you in the handy storage bag it comes with. It definitely fits your bag or even your pocket.

Why just taking a boring photo when you can have an interesting, funny and vivid video file with your personal narration?

Don’t Squander It – Place Your Order Now!


  • ✮ RECORD YOUR VOICE LIKE A PRO: The moment you listen to your first recording you will instantly realize how better it is from your smartphone’s built in microphone. This Lavalier Lapel mike is designed to offer crystal clear sound as it is made from the highest quality materials to ensure a way better recording experience. The results will impress you.
  • ✮ UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: No matter if you are using an android, or an apple product like iPhone 6, 5, 4, iPad or iPod touch; Samsung or Windows smartphones, this condenser microphone is just the best choice. Mic has 3.5mm TRRS jack and 2 meters long cord. Microphone doesn’t work with digital recorders!
  • ✮ GREAT CONVENIENCE: The compact size of this Lavalier Lapel microphone allows you to have it always at your arm’s reach. Just clip it on your shirt, tie or jacket and enjoy the real hands free experience. And don’t worry about the quality of the sound. This Omnidirection mic will pick up everything you say from any direction! Best solution for the podcasting on the go.
  • ✮ PLUG & PLAY: Bulky microphones and expensive sound recorders? Not anymore! All you need to do for perfect recording is to plug the microphone into the phone and clip it on your lapel. Your phone will have the “headphone mode” on and will be ready for action on the spot!
  • ✮ DON’T MISS THE UNIQUE BONUSES: Ordering from Mike’s Mics will bring you a complete set of every accessory you need to take the most out of your new microphone. You will receive one EXTRA wind muff in case you ever loose yours, one clip to keep your microphone in place and one beautiful leather case to keep your favorite device and its accessories neatly organized.

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