Launch Your Podcast Like A Pro Podcast Planner: Everything You Need to Plan, Execute & Maximize Your Show


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The Launch Your Podcast Like A Pro Podcast Planner is a 90-day guide for podcasters ready to successfully launch their dream show with organization and ease. This planner includes: 1) A QUARTERLY CALENDAR This section gives you an overall glimpse at the quarter so you’ll have an idea of what you may want to cover in the upcoming months. 2) EPISODE BRAINDUMP Consider this section the place where you pour out all of your show ideas for the week. Use it to jot down any topic ideas for your next episode. 3) EPISODE PLAN SHEET This worksheet was created as a guide to help you map out your episodes. It will keep you on track with what you need to cover while recording. 4) WEEKLY CALENDAR Making note of what you should be doing to plan and promote your podcast weekly is key. Use this weekly calendar as a means of mapping out your content per week. 5) GUEST INTERVIEW WISH LIST Once you’ve brainstormed your topic of the week, you may have a few star guests that would help the episode hit a home run with the listeners. Write out your guest wishlist in this section. 6) GUEST PROFILE Once you’ve confirmed your guests, use this simple profile to keep track of their details. You’ll want to remember as much as you can about the person you interview and this worksheet will help you to do that! 7) INTERVIEW CHECKLIST Before you conduct your guest interview, you’ll want to make sure you’ve completed everything on this checklist. 8) EDIT TO PERFECTION Editing can make or break your podcast. This worksheet was designed to keep you on track when it’s time to edit and publish your episodes. 9) THE PUSH PLAN Now that you’ve planned and published your episode, the work begins at promoting it. Use this push plan to guide you on pulling out the best moments of each episode and maximizing them. 10) PODCAST MAIN CHECKLIST This checklist gives you an overview of some of the main things you should be checking for throughout your podcasting process. Keep it close! 11) PODCAST GOALS FOR THE WEEK This goal sheet is designed to help you set and keep track of your podcasting goals so that you can see the progress as your show grows over time. 12) BONUS TEMPLATES These bonus templates include everything you’ll need to invite and prepare your guests for a successful interview and experience with your podcast. “Podcasting is the airwave between you and your audience. Organized podcasting is the airwave between you and continuous momentum in your business.”

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