How to Plan your Podcast Launch



What Will I Learn?

  • Understand what a podcast is and how it is delivered
  • Learn how much a podcast costs to start and maintain
  • What is the time commitment to running a podcast?
  • Understand frequent mistakes new podcasters make!
  • Understand the benefits of podcasting
  • Learn the underlying technology of podcasting – The Podcast RSS Feed


You will learn the benefits of podcasting and why you may want to start a podcast.

A Passion to get the word out

The podcast industry is growing at an increasing rate. There are more podcasters entering the space and more options available for them as more companies offer podcasting services. With all the choices available it can be confusing and many new podcasters don’t know about the potential pitfalls involved in launching a new podcast show. This course will help you understand. This class answers the questions, “What is a podcast, why should do it, how to create a podcast and what does it cost me in time and money?” It does NOT cover recording your podcast or the production workflow involve. This course covers everything up until that point.

The information on podcasting equipment will more than pay for the price of the course.

Take this podcast planning course now and learn how to create a podcast right way.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone wanting to reach a global audio audience.

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