How to Make Money Online Podcasting


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Podcasting has become very popular in recent years. It is a combination of the words iPod and broadcasting. Essentially, it allows you to broadcast content on the iPod, or any other electronic device nowadays. It’s a great way to speak your mind, gather an audience, and even make money. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make money online podcasting, this is the e-book that you will want to read. Podcasting allows you to enjoy audio broadcasting across the Internet. It is similar to a radio show, only it is something that can be recorded instead of being broadcast live. It also allows you to create your own “channel” so that you don’t have to become a radio DJ in order to speak your mind about anything and everything. You can subscribe to a podcast just like you subscribe to a blog. In many instances, people who run podcasts will also run blogs, and therefore they are distributed out of a blog. You will learn about all of the new feeds that come from the podcasters so that you can keep up on whatever topic they are talking about – and eventually, so that people can keep up on what you are talking about. The files can be listened to from a computer, or transferred to a portable player so that they can be listened to at another time. iTunes is still one of the most common podcast subscribing tools, and throughout this book, you will learn how to create podcasts, submit to iTunes once you have created a podcast, and even make money from your podcast. Much of your earning potential is going to depend on what your topic is, how many followers you have, and more. You may be making some extra spending money, or you may make enough to say goodbye to your nine-to-five job and work full-time on your podcast. This is likely not going to happen right away, but you can work towards it. So, let’s get started!

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