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Today everyone is clamoring about the merits of starting a podcast. Then why would this report tell you NOT to start a podcast?

Many, would-be, home business owners are spending hours and hours listening to podcasts. Ironically they started listening to these business podcasts (the most popular segment) to learn how to tackle their money problems.

But this very activity is taking them away from what they could be doing to earn the additional income they need.

Now many of these same income seekers are turning their sights to podcasting as a route to immediate income generation.

But this may be a big mistake!

What you are about to read will save you lots of time and money. Podcasting can be a road filled with frustration and expense.

Discover how to avoid that path and learn how to change your finances in a matter of days.

HomeBusinessProfiles.Com is a podcast that teaches listeners new income streams each week.

Don't start a podcast! Reasons why you may not want to start a podcast | Books for Podcasters

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