2019 Podcast Workbook and Planner


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Do you have a podcast or are you planning to start one? This printable workbook walks you through every step from coming up with your idea to post production. This is an indespensable tool to plan your podcast for an entire year. If you use it to its full extent, by December 2019, the book will be dog eared, full of doodles and creative inspiration. It will make the next year so much easier plan, because the heavy-lifting was done this year! Includes: Daily Planner, Monthly Planner, 2019 Calendar, Test Podcast checklist, Technical set up checklist, Audio Quality checklist, Post production editing checklist, Hosting site checklist, Setting up your podcast on iTunes checklist, Marketing your podcast checklist, Common themes and phrases note sheet, Common interview questions note sheet, Outsourcing checklist, SEO Keywords brainstorm page, My top podcast episodes and why they worked Competition spreadsheet Podcast stats spreadsheet, Topic ideas brainstorm spreadsheet, Series ideas, Podcast monetization funnel outline, and Show template.

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