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 Who else thinks Google + Rules?

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We start off the show talking about how our levels were a little off in the last couple of episodes due to not having the digital recorder for the last Bunker Project. We recorded directly into a computer and we were a little too hot. But it was all taken care of in post-production.

This week is all about Google + and we start off with our first guest, Ron, joining us live from the Mid-West United States. He joins us via a Google Plus hangout which is way cool!!!

Bob’s Geography is way off….

Ron already has his beer and is prepared for The Bunker Show.
Ron has been playing with Google + and his new Maven name is The Lead Generation Maven.

Next Maven… Car Maven… helps people save money at the Car Dealership.
Works with dealers all over the world.
Check out episode 5 where Ian goes into detail about the auto industry and social media.

The Schmelt Maven is here and he lets us know what he is all about. He has a blog about Salsa Dancing…

The Gaming Maven arrives with a very attractive young lady.

The Hat Maven is in the house… a web developer that wears hats… many hats! As long as they are made by Apple. Joomla master!

Satomi is the house… The Art Maven or MLM Maven. She does online talk shows about art and artists and she is going to be a star! Motto… Small Sparts, Great Blazes!
Bob gives props to Satomi for coming so far with her podcasting prowess.

And Bonnie Sainsbury…Twitter Maven.
Andrew just bought more shares in BS on Empire Avenue. Bonnie wants everyone to fill their Empire Avenue portfolio with BS!
Bonnie is an Internet Marketing specialist. And she started a new blog over at… www.womentalkingtech.com. But not just women… everyone is welcome.
Andrew notices Bonnies astronomical Twitter Follower number.
Bonnie thanks Andrew for the tip on Elegant Themes a couple shows back.

The German Maven is also here…
She thanks the Bunker Project for talking about the Der Prinz themes which she is now going to use on her site. The German Maven is a Social Media specialist.

The Royal Maven… she doesn’t want to speak on the show.
The Gaming Maven will speak for both himself and the Royal Maven.
Gaming Maven is wearing a fireball hat… We talk about our Fireball experiences.
And… he brought some gifts to do a black beer pairing – Ragin Cagin Beef Jerky and Black Forest Fudge… We’ll do the beer pairing a little later!

Now let’s get into Google +

Bob likes G+ because it brings all the Google services together.

Car Maven mentions the Starbucks business page prototype…

Bonnie is saying that the Google Apps people are being left out of the Google + family.
And she hopes Google will give Business Pages to Google App customers first.

Hat Maven is wondering why Google rolled out Google +the way they did.

Andrew mentions a couple google strikeouts of the past… Hat Maven can appreciate that… gotta keep trying. Google Plus looks like a home run so far.

Gaming Maven says Google + isn’t trying to be facebook… it is more like facebook combined with twitter.

Andrew mentions that some people are turning to G+ as a way to press the reset button on their facebook… some friends they don’t want to unfriend but don’t want to be friends anymore…

German Maven brings up that people are used to Social Media now so G+ can grow faster than other platforms iinitiallydid.

Wave joke…

Bob says you can’t just say a word and count it as digression but since we discussed what is a digression … that is a digression… CHEERS!

Bob like the circles… being able sort people and have a selective stream.

Hat Maven likes being able to create circles ad hoc… and collaborate in a shared workspace. And can start a hangout and work together.

Bob asks Ron what a hangout is… because he is in a hangout with us now. Ron says this is his first hangout and he joined because he saw a hangout with just one person in it… he had no idea he was going to end up in a room with a bunch of crazy Canadians..

We chat about Ron’s beer… Canadian beer, American beer and good US Micro Breweries.

Bob is using his following circle as Twitter now.

Bob wonders what the Aquaintance Circle is for and asks how we are defining aquaintance. Andrew says Bob must have a Transvestite Circle because of some facebook pics he posted a while back. Bob says just because he was at a crazy party with a really, really strong woman doesn’t mean he has a Transvestite Circle.

Andrew brings up that Google has definitions that pop up over the default circles.

We talk about the companies that are starting business pages in the personal Google + platform.

Bonnie says be careful about how you name a circle because one day they may be public!!!

Bob says that Google + has great Android integration. Bob says it is awesome on his Nexus S.
Andrew uses the Windows Phone 7 and works all right in the browser.

Bob asks Ron how much it costs for Telecom Services in the USA.

Sparks… Bob thinks it is pretty lame.
Andrew thinks it would be better if it was like a Stumble Upon within Google +
Game Maven added some cool stuff in his Sparks.
Ron brings up a good point about how Sparks bring up only current information. Search is more long term.

Bonnie wants to hang out from her Android Tab with Ron and Car Maven.

Bob says that Google + gives you more control over who gets access to your content.

We hear the Google + hangout tone as someone joins the hangout.
Hat Maven gives us a very complicated explanation of a Googe Plus crash.
Another Google + hangout tone…

Andrew makes a Windows joke… Wooooaaaah!

Andrew says Google + may not be trying to be facebook but they are addressing some of the concerns people have with facebook, such as privacy.

Bob brings up TWIT and TWIG and how someone guessed the circle thing a while before it was out.

Hat Maven gets ino the Google Hangout this time… but it generates a lot of feedback and he can’t mute his mic so he bails on the hangout.

Better photo labeling… Andrew asks what makes photo tagging better in Google.
Car Maven says it is better because it is a Google tag and not a Facebook tag.
Bob likes to do sarcastic tagging… so circles will do wonders for him.

Woooaaaah… more feedback. Hat Mavens Mac crashes again.

We touch on Google Chat in G+ for a second and then go back to the Hangouts…

Bob says we should do these hangouts on the podcast regularly.

Hat Maven keeps making the sound effect (hangouts)

Andrew brings up an article that said not to count out facebook yet… they must have a ton of cool innovations coming out soon…

Gaming Maven brings up how well the Android OS is doing. Andrew says it is true but the OS ecosystem is still growing faster with iOS.

We talk about apps that suck…
Gaming Maven was disappointed with a sex position app….

Bob says that the Business Pages on Google + blows facebooks fan pages away…
Andrew why? … and then answers his own question.
Because Google + Business pages combined with Google Places (local and mobile search) is going to kick ass!
Bonnie says game, set and match!

Hat Maven asks when and who will be the first child born in a hangout live!

We have a new guy in the hangout…

A car guy joined a hangout to talk to a couple of car dudes because he was surprised to see an automotive guy on google…. Andrew says that Ian (Car Maven) is a cutting edge social media automotive dude…

Bob tells the guy he just got suckered into the Bunker Project.
We get the new guys bio. Daemon is from Colorado but currently lives in San Antonio.

Hat Maven said that there is only one car dude allowed per hangout…

Bob doesn’t do names…

Daemon is drinking water on the rocks…

Andrew asks if Daemon wants to hang out for another show…

Why are businesses going to be forced into Google +
Gaming Maven brings up a good point on why Google went with +

And the theme music is playing…. the end of episode 49!
Join us next week for episode 50.

Call 1-877-636-1474

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

Thanks again to Wix.com for sponsoring The Bunker Project.
Wix.com is the most popular website builder in the world.


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Andrew McGivern

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